The Kamloops Foundation: Dedicated to Improving Quality of Life

The was the original website for the Kamloops Foundation. When the foundation changed its name to the BC Interior Community Foundation and created a new website, the's domain registration was allowed to expire and the site disappeared from the web. When I recently I discovered that the domain for the was available I bought it with the goal of recreating some of its content from archived pages and to point visitors to the new website of the of its new iteration, BC Interior Community Foundation. For the latest news go to: I definitely didn't want someone else purchasing the domain and re-purposing the site for something that had nothing in common with the foundation. This is a worth while foundation to donate money. They continue to award on a semi annual basis monies to not only eligible non profits which hold charitable registration with Revenue Canada, but also to community-based programs in the areas of Arts & Culture, Health & Welfare, Environment & Science, Humanities & Education, Seniors & Heritage, Sports & Recreation and other charitable activities. Please view this site in a historical perspective.

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Welcome to the Kamloops Foundation. We are dedicated to improving the quality of life in the Thompson, Nicola and South Cariboo Region.  Each Year we try to enhance our mission by building legacies and supporting projects that benefit the region. With a very generous grant from the Vancouver Foundation we established community funds for Barriere, Clearwater, Chase, Logan Lake, Merritt, Ashcroft, Cache Creek, Lytton, Lillooett and Clinton.  Each Year we try to enhance our mission by building legacies and supporting projects that benefit the region. With a very generous grant from the Vancouver Foundation we established community funds. These funds will build to support worthwhile projects in their communities and grants from funds earnings will be made at the direction of these local area committees. Endowment funds managed by the Foundation are invested in perpetuity and earnings are distributed annually to assist charitable organizations in achieving their goals.

The Kamloops Community Foundation is a tax-exempt, nonprofit, autonomous, publicly supported, philanthropic local public charity. It manages a collection of permanently endowed funds created by individuals, companies, other foundations, and by charitable organizations for the long-term benefit of the Thompson, Nicola and South Cariboo area. Make a difference through our granting programs...

We serve: Ashcroft, Barriere, Cache Creek, Chase, Clearwater, Clinton, Kamloops, Lillooet, Logan Lake, Lytton, Merritt, the Thompson Nicola and the South Cariboo

We encourage residents of these areas to support their community funds in building community capacity for the future.


What Is Our Goal

The Kamloops Community Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of life in the Thompson, Nicola and South Cariboo Region by distributing the earnings from a permanent, ever-growing pool of funds.




  • Builds and manages permanent endowment funds for community betterment, by providing a range of giving options to meet donor interests.
  • Attracts and manages charitable gifts of cash, securities, pledges, bequests, memorial and life insurance to the permanent endowment funds.
  • Invests these pooled funds prudently and uses the earnings to make creative grants to support the efforts of not-for-profit groups, in areas such as Arts & Culture, Health & Welfare, Environment & Science, Humanities & Education, Seniors & Heritage and Sports & Recreation, and other charitable activities.
  • Assists, cooperates and shares information with others in the effective application of charitable resources.



The Concept of a Community Foundation is as ingenious as it is simple - it is a means to build, over time, through contributions large and small, a collection of endowed funds. Because these contributions are endowed, they are never spent; instead, they are permanently invested to produce income. The income earned is then used to help meet the community's charitable needs. This is truly a win - win story, gifts to the Kamloops Foundation continue to benefit the area forever - philanthropy in its broadest sense.



In 1984, Kamloops Mayor Mike Latta recognized that other centres in the Okanagan had formed community foundations. A formation committee including, Peter Wing, Ray Fucco, Jock Thomas, Bernie Kent, Heather Dack, Graham Noble, Richard Blair, Gino Commazzetto, Barney Lukas, Zdenka Princic, Hilbert DeLeeuw, S. Douglas Smith, and Mike Latta was formed and on the 17th September, 1984, the Kamloops Foundation was incorporated under the Societies Act of BC.  Shortly thereafter they received their registration as a charity.

In 2010, our endowment base is approximately $3 million in over 120  different funds.   Grants and distributions of approximately $150,000 where made to various organizations and projects in 2009. 

Serving the Thompson, Nicola & South Cariboo area, we are proud to help 'make a difference' in our communities.


Gift To The Foundation


How You Can Help?

Your contribution, large or small, lives on in perpetuity to support the changing needs of your community. Your contribution is placed in a fund of your choice and only the earnings of the funds is awarded to charitable causes and projects.

Donors are recognized and recorded in the Foundations annual report, or they can remain anonymous if they so desire. A designated endowment fund must have a minimum capital of $5,000, which may be contributed over five years. The Foundation is registered as a charity with Revenue Canada and, as such, issues official receipts for income tax purposes.

Starting A Fund

The process for establishing a fund is quite simple and straightforward. Review the type of fund opportunities and the many giving options available.


Types Of Funds


Community Funds

The income from these funds gives the Foundation the flexibility to address emerging needs in our area. Community funds are established for Ashcroft-Cache Creek, Barriere, Clearwater, Chase, Clinton, Lillooet, Logan Lake, Lytton, and Merritt. Grants are made from these funds from the recommendations of local area committees. Community funds are an ideal way for individuals, groups and businesses to make a difference in their communities. All gifts large or small are welcome.

Discretionary Funds

These unrestricted funds allow the Board to decide where earnings can be used most effectively each year yet allow the donors to name the fund and be recognized. This fund may be suitable for a family, a memorial or a company.

Designated Funds

These funds allow the donor to specify particular charitable organizations to receive annual support, at the time the fund is established. The fund may be named and this type of fund may suitable for memorials, for family funds or for businesses.

Agency Endowment Fund

These funds are established by charitable organizations as permanent funds to ensure an ongoing source of support for their programs and operations. They are held by the foundation as designated funds.

Scholarship / Bursary Funds

A named scholarship/bursary fund can be established to ensure funds are available for the continuing education or training of deserving students. This type of fund may be Discretionary or Donor-advised.

Donor Advised Funds

These funds enable donor participation in the distribution of income from their fund. The funds may be named and are suitable for families, memorials and businesses. Donor advice is welcomed, however, by law, grants to qualified donees must be approved by the Board of the Foundation.

Give us a call. During the conversation any questions that you may have about the Foundation can be answered. Discuss your intent in establishing a fund and how we can work together in making your gift work for the community.

Century Club

The Century Club recognizes gifts to our discretionary funds. We will honor those donors that contribute $100 as members for the year of donation. Life membership will be granted when the donor reaches the $1,000 level. CLUB 2000 will be granted when the donor reaches the $2,000 level and CLUB 5000 will be honored when the $5,000 level is reached.

All current donors will be acknowledged in our annual report and will receive all annual reports, bulletins and invitation to events. Special recognition will be afforded yearly when donors past through the various levels of the Century Club.

Should a donor wish to establish a Discretional or a Family Fund, previous donations made to the Century Club can be applied to these funds.

There are several ways you can endow your community or your favorite charity through the Foundation.

  • A gift or pledge of money
  • A bequest in a will
  • A gift of securities
  • A gift of real estate
  • A gift through a Trust
  • A gift of life insurance